If you are still putting your mind around hiring a freelancer or an outsourced agency, you need a better third option. You focus on improving patient experience and let us manage everything else!

We come in as your extended team with full-time equivalent (employee) or FTE.

  • Ready to be onboarded instantly
  • More invested, yet more flexible
  • Promising better time utilization, more accountability
  • With defined services and levels of performance
  • Possess extensive industry experience
  • Adhere to industry best practices, such as ITIL and PMI standards

We understand that continuity is important, and therefore, in case of absenteeism, we are quick to provide replacement*

*conditions apply

We Understand

Revenue Cycle Management is an important architecture in the healthcare infrastructure. We understand that it is critical for your business, and requires your time and attention. The problem is that the complexities involved in the process often delay payments, affecting the overall financial health of your practice.

We come with experience. We are likely to make true difference in your cash flows.

We can take over

The deal here is that you focus on your practice and creating better patient experiences while we rescue you from the trouble of hiring people or agencies and managing them. We deploy FTEs who own the process and are engaged with a long commitment, thereby bringing consistent value add. We promise best results.

Trust us to humanize your medical billing systems and processes.

We can add value

The efficiency of medical billing operations has a critical impact on financial performance. Therefore, having the right team to manage it is extremely important. Our team includes highly skilled professionals who absorb the process and work towards not just running it, but also identifying gaps and addressing them.

Do not outsource what’s most critical for you. Augment your team.

Our FTEs come with a promise of accountability and service excellence!

Eligibility Verification

Our goal is to ensure on-time payments

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Referrals & Authorisation

We have our eye on the timelines

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Charge Entry

We do it first time right

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Claims Scrubbing

Each claim is important to us

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Payment posting

We swear by attention to detail

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Denial Management

Our key focus is reducing denials

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Account Receivable

We follow up to the T

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Credentialing & Contracting

We are extremely vigilant

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