Eligibility Verification

The patient coming through the door should always be pre-verified for coverage. It must also be ensured that the coverage is valid and information regarding out-of-network benefits and all details about the insurance are accurate.

Receive patient schedule

Verify insurance coverage

Contact patients if required

Updating the billing system

Our objective is to ensure on-time payments!

Our FTEs take care to avoid rejection of claims by payers due to inaccurate or incomplete information. They check procedure-specific coverage and benefits along with all out-of-pocket costs so that patients are aware of what is due before their visit. The objective is to ensure on-time patient payments and prevent unnecessary back-end collections, thereby maximizing revenue.


Typically, this involves receiving schedules of patients every day and verifying patients’ insurance coverage with primary and secondary payers by contacting the insurance providers. Often, this also includes contacting patients for additional information, if required.

On confirmation, the eligibility and verification details such as member ID, group ID, coverage period, maximum limit allocated etc are keyed in the medical billing system.

Any issues in the eligibility is escalated to the client.

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