Charge Entry

The success of claim settlement and the reimbursement for the physician’s service is decided by the charges entered in the system.

Receipt of client files

Download and assigning files to charge entry process

Data capturing from patient demographics

Entering data and codes

Clean submission of claims

We do it first time right!

We have a team of experienced charged entry FTEs who are quick, efficient, and also well qualified for quality decision making, thereby ensuring a zero-error process. They are well aligned with the process and competent to enter the details and codes accurately. They ensure proper coordination with the medical coding team and verify all the charges and codes for correctness to avoid any denials or improper reimbursement from the insurance company.

Additionally, they closely monitor the entire process to avoid the leakage in revenue due to denials.


The Charge Entry process entails entering important inputs and details to enable claims processing in the medical billing cycle. The most important step here is to add the diagnosis codes and their sequence, procedure codes and modifiers as they have direct bearing on the approval of the claim and the reimbursement.

Understanding of the Superbill, which includes a listing of procedures, service and diagnosis codes, and entering the correct codes, defines the quality of the charge entry process.

Any error at this stage can lead to denials and lead to inappropriate reimbursements. Hence, accuracy and efficiency at this step is very crucial.

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