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Quick payments come from knowing the process and staying alert!

We are an ever-evolving team of dedicated experts in the medical billing industry. We started under the able guidance of Mr. Darpan Jain, who has been observing and working in the US healthcare sector for over a decade, and therefore, understands the nuances of the industry. He invests in the system to make it well-equipped for adapting to the rapid changes in the healthcare landscape with the ongoing technological advancements.




We commit to providing FTEs who can handle end-to-end medical billing services that will help you in reducing expenses and increasing the payment receivables. The services offered will comprise of the process of revenue cycle management, including accounts receivable management, medical coding, indexing medical records, insurance eligibility verification, physician credentialing and data conversion. We are HIPAA compliant and our team is reputed for accuracy, efficiency, and process control.

We are strong believers in technology. Our FTEs are well trained to improve efficiency by automating processes, better record keeping and data management, gap analysis, and accelerating the process.



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We're proud to still be working with many of the same people that hired us in our early days.

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