Why Choose Us

We come with a promise of accountability and service excellence!

We understand that filing accurate claims at the right time leads to quicker reimbursements. This comes from our experience and our deep soak into the process.

Our answer to the FTE vs Freelancer vs Outsourced companies debate is a quick comparison chart.



Outsourced Companies


Due attention is given to Denials

No special attention to Denials

Due attention is given to Clean Claims


Clear KRAs defined, so high level of loyalty towards process improvement

Multiple clients, so more emphasis on process completion

Multiple clients assigned, so more emphasis on process completion


Better Resource Utilization

 Timely Process Completion

Internal Resource Optimization


Skilled resources, allocated for efficient management of the entire process

Resource engaged on contractual terms

Shared resources allocated against percentage commission on collections


Dedicated resources on your account, managed by your SPOC

Dedicated or shared resource

Shared resources between multiple clients


FTEs are 100% assigned to you, flexible to provide overall support

Utilization only as per hours committed and billed

 Resource commit only for process execution


All hardware used by FTE is company-owned with secure software and DLP

 Personal hardware and software may not be HIPPA compliant

Hardware and software may or may not be well protected for data safety


Complete awareness into the process, proceedings and output

Partial visibility into the process and output

Zero visibility into the process and proceedings, visible only when it impacts output negatively


Better manageability, better output

Better control, but excessive intervention required

Better control, but excessive intervention required because of lack of transparency

Cost Benefit

Works on fixed cost basis, no hidden cost

 Works on per hourly basis, tedious to track and manage, not cost effective

Works on percentage basis, hard to budget your expected billing expenses


FTEs work with long term commitment, delivery remains consistent

Risk of process cessation in case of absence

Any attrition disrupts output, thereby increasing cash flows  


FTEs are quick to adapt to any process change introduced from time to time

Any process change will be difficult to accommodate, may induce requirement for resource change

Work in factory mode, any process change can throw the system out of gear


All FTEs have KRAs defined for better measurability, focus on output improvement

Delivery measurement can only be quantitative  

 Greater thrust on quick revenue improvement, can affect overall business